Cupids Arrow: Tale of a Happy Ending

The daily prompt tells us: It’s Valentine’s Day, so write an ode to someone or something you love. Bonus points for poetry! To join in simply click here à

Oh Love how I have searched

For something true

Yet like a bird in a cage my heart perched

For I didn’t know of you.

I longed and looked without reserve

Until the question did arise

What do I really deserve?

Surely, only my demise.

My blue eyes alas baleful

The search was lost

My nightly cries wailful

Only my heart knew the cost.

When I gave up

Only then Love did you find

My heart an orchestra to conduct

And my sorrows to powder you grind

Imagine my surprise

To learn you truly were no actor

To see love in your eyes

And know you are my happy ever after.



    Before I begin, I would like to invite you to join us in the weekly writing challenge. To read the rules and suggestions for this assignment you please click here à
WEEKLY WRITING CHALLENGE. The goal is to pick someone in our life present or past and make them as real as we can for the audience.

    In addition, I am rewriting this article because the previous article I wrote and posted inadvertently hurt my son’s feelings. It would not have been kind to leave the article up after he told me it hurt him. Therefore, here is my new addition to the Weekly Writing Challenge.


    Linda is about five feet six inches with long dark hair and blue eyes tinged with golden flecks. Her olive skin is smooth and shines with healthy luster. Before she is fully awake in the morning, she rolls over and pulls her small dog into her arms cuddling him. This has been their routine since she rescued him four years ago. After a few minutes, she rolls onto her back and stretches all of her muscles. She feels the stretch as it releases the night from her flesh and draws in the morning. After a few deep breaths, she sits up slowly to avoid the effects of the positional vertigo that accompanies her each day. Still, the room spins. Linda sways slightly and rises to her feet. The wooden floor is chilly on her bare feet but she really doesn’t notice much. Linda is very much a creature of habit. Routines make everything work. They reduce stress and things just seem to get done automatically.

    It is now 3:15 in the morning. First thing after leaving the bedroom, Linda heads to the bathroom where she prepares for the day. Clothes, hair, face (cleanse) are first. She also puts on her lace up shoes. This she feels, is very important to putting her mind and body into work mode.

Linda is far from vain but being dressed and put together first thing in the morning sets her in the right mindset to carry out all the tasks that need doing that day, whether it is work at the payroll job or writing her latest book or taking care of the children (sometimes, all three). Once she is put together, Linda throws in a load of laundry and removes the laundry from the day before from the dryer. The clean clothes are deposited onto the couch in the living room and she heads to the kitchen where she starts the pot of coffee. Linda takes the filter basket tunks it out in the trash and rinses the left over grounds down the sink. She replaces the filter and fills the pot with cool water. After putting three scoops of Folgers coffee into the small basket, Linda closes the lid and turns on the pot. Instantly the smell of fresh, morning, coffee fills the air. This always makes her smile. Linda breathes deeply the fragrant aroma and turns her attention to any cups or bowls left in the sink by the children the night before. Two or three minutes later when everything has been washed and put on a towel to air dry, Linda moves back to the living room. It doesn’t take long to hang or fold the laundry and get it put away. She does laundry every day without fail. A pet peeve Linda has is not being able to wear what she chooses because it is in the dirty laundry basket. Once the habit was established back in her twenties, it remained.

Linda goes back to the kitchen where she pours herself a cup of the freshly brewed coffee. She adds two packets of Splenda and a touch of cream. She moves the cup and saucer to the table and prepares a bowl of microwaveable oatmeal. This is the same every morning, coffee and oatmeal. Once the oatmeal is finished and the first cup of coffee consumed, Linda moves into the living room to sit at the desk and write. It is now four in the morning. She has one hour to work. Her mind drifts into the lives of her characters. She vividly sees them living their own lives. She hears their voices. She is no longer in her living room but somewhere inside her creation. Everything else disappears.

All too soon, the timer sounds letting her know it is five in the morning and time to head to the payroll job. She must leave behind the characters who have become a part of her and enter into the world of go-and-do. Linda feeds the pets, the small dog and the longhaired calico. She takes a moment to gather her things prepared the night before, her lunch, purse, keys and name badge. After one last look around, Linda shuts off all the lights and leaves the house.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Make it a great day! J

Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

James Edward loved to travel. Most of the time he tried to find experiences outside what he considered normal. Unfortunately, for James however, so much of his life seemed familiar, as if he had done this all before. The streets looked the same. He would recognize odors that would bring to mind memories that he had never experienced. How he could know the taste of certain foods without ever having tried them was another source of oddness to him. James always knew he was different but he attributed it to some small amount of psychic ability, though, he would never admit to that.

One day as James traveled by tram through the streets of London, he couldn’t contain his restlessness. He pulled the cord and a bell sounded letting the driver know he wanted to exit. The tram pulled to a stop. James thanked the old scraggly man, nodded, and left. As he began to walk that old feeling of déjà, vu came on him more intensely than ever. He looked around and seeing a large three-story home, James decided to test this feeling. He walked to the doorstep then without realizing it, he reached into the over-grown plant next to the door to retrieve a key. James unlocked the door then stared at the key in his hand, shocked. How had he known just where the key was? Had he been here before?

    “Oy I’m losing it. Get a grip man. Get a grip.” James chided himself as he turned the handle and pushed. The door opened and James stepped in. The entry way was huge with black and white checkered tile on the floor. The walls were smooth, snowy white, perfect in their purity. Straight ahead there stood a set of double doors that James knew lead to a grand library. Slightly to his left and dominating, the room was an intricately carved staircase with hundreds of small felines seemingly running up the banister. James walked to the stairs and touched one of the wooden cats.

    “Welcome home Sir.” A melodic voice softly greeted him. Surprised, James turned to see the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. She had flowing auburn hair, olive skin like his own, a straight unobtrusive nose, and bright baby blue eyes. Oh, those eyes! James stood there, perhaps a moment too long, looking into the eyes of an angel.

    “I, I, I’m sorry.” James stuttered. “I was just passing through and I saw your…” James stopped. “Did, did you say… welcome home?” He asked haltingly.

    “Yes, Love. This is your home. Has been for centuries. We always know you come back home sooner or later.” Her voice was like an enchanting harmony. By now, James was very, very confused. He shook his head to clear it but nothing could shake the feeling that this beauty knew a lot more about him than he knew about him.

    “But that means… How?” James was having trouble finding just the right words. “Now of all times! Now his brain turns to mush!”

    “Shall we retire to your study for some tea Mr. Edward? I can explain everything.” She offered gently. “By the way, my name is Nonet… this time,” she added with a smile.

    “Um, it is nice to meet you Nonet.” James replied politely.

    As the two headed through the double doors, James glanced into the mirror. Staring back at him, he saw his blue eyes. The same blue eyes the beautiful Nonet has. He inhales audibly. Nonet touched his arm and smiled reassuringly up at him. James looked from the mirror to Nonet and back again. They had the same eyes, nose, chin… This couldn’t be a coincidence!

    “What’s going on?” James demanded, more than a little thrown. He grabbed her by the arms and turned her to face him.

    “James, don’t you see? I am you.” Nonet seemed to shimmer right there before his eyes. She seemed to grow transparent but her body glowed with a beautiful golden aura. The aura grew stronger and her visage dimmer until she was nothing but light in front of him. James reached to rub his eyes, not believing what he was seeing. Soon, the golden light vanished and left James standing in front of the large mirror alone.

    “Welcome home.” The words echoed throughout the spacious room and reverberated through his chest. Home, finally, he found it. His home, the place that would stop the tedious travels, would bring him so much joy. Yes, he was home at last.


Reincarnation: do you believe in it?


This was the daily prompt. The daily prompt is to offer suggestions of topics to write about. I thought this was a great topic! It is something close to my heart. I absolutely believe in reincarnation. I believe that when we die our stream of consciousness moves from one life to another until we get it right. When we reach Nirvana, this samsara (cycle of birth and death) ends and we reach the heaven realms. Our karma, our efforts and actions keep us in this cycle. To reach the end, thus stopping reincarnation there are 8 things along the path we must follow.


  1. Right Intention/Thought
  2. Right View (seeing things as they truly are)
  3. Right Speech (THINK method)
  4. Right Mindfulness
  5. Right Concentration
  6. Right Action
  7. Right Livelihood
  8. Right Meditation

By following the path of the middle way, we can move on from these lives. Until we get it right however, our consciousness will continue like James in the story. Meeting up with our former selves is unlikely but wouldn’t it be wonderful, to know in one life what to avoid in our next?

    Just something to think about. Until next time, thank you for taking the time to read my work. Make it a great day!


DAILY PROMPT: FIRE!   The Daily Prompt Challenge Your home is on fire.  Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe).  What did you grab?


Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt

As Michelle lay comfortably in her bed, she started to drift off to sleep.  Her rest didn’t last long.  Just as sounds began to meld together and her breathing slowed, the smoke detectors throughout the house started screaming.  Startled, Michelle jerked awake and jumped up out of the bed momentarily confused.  As she realized what was going on, she grabbed her cellphone and dialed 911.

“Yes Ma’am, I need the fire department at 102 South Quiet Street, Cape town.  Please, Hurry!”  Michelle pleaded into the phone as she ran around the mobile home grabbing her few important possessions.

She threw on her coat and dropped her phone into the pocket.  She grabbed the Laptop and cord from the desk.  As she raced down the hallway to the back door, Michelle picked up her backpack, which always contained her spare uniform for work, and an extra pair of socks.  The smoke was billowing around her.  She could hear the popping and cracking of the fire.  Choking and gasping frantically, Michelle grabbed her shoes and jumped out the back door just as the first of three fire trucks pulled up in front of her home.

Once she was safely away from the flames and smoke Michelle sat down on the curb and thanked the universe that she had gotten out alive.  Mobile homes burn so quickly.  Within fifteen minutes all that the fire left was a skeleton of her home.  Michelle could only sit and stare at the wreckage as the fire crew continued their work.

Finally, accepting the facts as they were, she put the laptop and its charger into the backpack, took out the socks, and put them on.  She put on her shoes next and snugged her coat around her to fight off the nighttime chill.

When it was all over, Michelle called her mom and explained everything. The firefighters had decided it was an electrical fire and told Michelle that she was very lucky that she had installed the smoke detectors. Without them, she may not have had time to get out.


So, now, what would I take if my home were on fire?

  1. My cellphone
  2. My computer
  3. My coat
  4. My shoes
  5. My backpack (I keep extra clothes ready in case of an emergency.)

Having been through this very thing several years ago, I have thought about this a great deal.  I am a minimalist and do not have a great deal of possessions at all so the things I would take are the necessities, and my computer.