Weekly Photo Challenge: Kiss

The weekly photo challenge (click here to join in on the fun) In a new post specifically created for this challenge, share a picture that means KISS to you!

    Before I post the photo, I would like to tell you a short story of how these love birds ended up in the intimate embrace pictured in below.

Isaac has dark eyes and dark hair. He is very muscular and Boston radiates from his personality, his very core. He had been chasing Om Joy for quite some time. After all, he thought to himself, “What’s not to love! She is radiant!” Om Joy had long dark hair with golden highlights and the greenest of eyes. Her eyes absolutely captivated him. Unfortunately, she always ran. She did not seem to want to give him the time of day much less offer him a smile or kind word. Still, he could not resist the chase.

What Isaac didn’t know is that Om was secretly dreaming that one day Isaac would catch her. She wanted to see the light and happiness in his deep brown eyes. She wanted to feel him nuzzle her and treat her tenderly. She was shy though. It pained her that she was oh, so shy. So, she never quite let him get close enough. “Maybe someday.” She thought and her heart would beat loudly.

Over the course of the next few weeks, day by day, Om did let him get a little closer. She would even so far as to pose where he could see, knowing he couldn’t help but notice. Then, it happened one day. They came by the same way. He rounded the corner one way and she came around the other. They bumped straight into each other. The electricity form the touch jolted them both. He gazed into her soft green eyes and she into his pools of velvety chocolate. For a moment, they each stood with bated breath. Finally, Isaac leaned forward. This time Om Joy didn’t stop him. No, not this time. She closed her eyes and for a single minute in time, she was lost. His kiss deepened and he stroked her ear. The world spun for them both. Their hearts beat in time.

All too soon, it was over… and the chase was on.








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