Before I begin, I would like to invite you to join us in the weekly writing challenge. To read the rules and suggestions for this assignment you please click here à
WEEKLY WRITING CHALLENGE. The goal is to pick someone in our life present or past and make them as real as we can for the audience.

    In addition, I am rewriting this article because the previous article I wrote and posted inadvertently hurt my son’s feelings. It would not have been kind to leave the article up after he told me it hurt him. Therefore, here is my new addition to the Weekly Writing Challenge.


    Linda is about five feet six inches with long dark hair and blue eyes tinged with golden flecks. Her olive skin is smooth and shines with healthy luster. Before she is fully awake in the morning, she rolls over and pulls her small dog into her arms cuddling him. This has been their routine since she rescued him four years ago. After a few minutes, she rolls onto her back and stretches all of her muscles. She feels the stretch as it releases the night from her flesh and draws in the morning. After a few deep breaths, she sits up slowly to avoid the effects of the positional vertigo that accompanies her each day. Still, the room spins. Linda sways slightly and rises to her feet. The wooden floor is chilly on her bare feet but she really doesn’t notice much. Linda is very much a creature of habit. Routines make everything work. They reduce stress and things just seem to get done automatically.

    It is now 3:15 in the morning. First thing after leaving the bedroom, Linda heads to the bathroom where she prepares for the day. Clothes, hair, face (cleanse) are first. She also puts on her lace up shoes. This she feels, is very important to putting her mind and body into work mode.

Linda is far from vain but being dressed and put together first thing in the morning sets her in the right mindset to carry out all the tasks that need doing that day, whether it is work at the payroll job or writing her latest book or taking care of the children (sometimes, all three). Once she is put together, Linda throws in a load of laundry and removes the laundry from the day before from the dryer. The clean clothes are deposited onto the couch in the living room and she heads to the kitchen where she starts the pot of coffee. Linda takes the filter basket tunks it out in the trash and rinses the left over grounds down the sink. She replaces the filter and fills the pot with cool water. After putting three scoops of Folgers coffee into the small basket, Linda closes the lid and turns on the pot. Instantly the smell of fresh, morning, coffee fills the air. This always makes her smile. Linda breathes deeply the fragrant aroma and turns her attention to any cups or bowls left in the sink by the children the night before. Two or three minutes later when everything has been washed and put on a towel to air dry, Linda moves back to the living room. It doesn’t take long to hang or fold the laundry and get it put away. She does laundry every day without fail. A pet peeve Linda has is not being able to wear what she chooses because it is in the dirty laundry basket. Once the habit was established back in her twenties, it remained.

Linda goes back to the kitchen where she pours herself a cup of the freshly brewed coffee. She adds two packets of Splenda and a touch of cream. She moves the cup and saucer to the table and prepares a bowl of microwaveable oatmeal. This is the same every morning, coffee and oatmeal. Once the oatmeal is finished and the first cup of coffee consumed, Linda moves into the living room to sit at the desk and write. It is now four in the morning. She has one hour to work. Her mind drifts into the lives of her characters. She vividly sees them living their own lives. She hears their voices. She is no longer in her living room but somewhere inside her creation. Everything else disappears.

All too soon, the timer sounds letting her know it is five in the morning and time to head to the payroll job. She must leave behind the characters who have become a part of her and enter into the world of go-and-do. Linda feeds the pets, the small dog and the longhaired calico. She takes a moment to gather her things prepared the night before, her lunch, purse, keys and name badge. After one last look around, Linda shuts off all the lights and leaves the house.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Make it a great day! J



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