Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

James Edward loved to travel. Most of the time he tried to find experiences outside what he considered normal. Unfortunately, for James however, so much of his life seemed familiar, as if he had done this all before. The streets looked the same. He would recognize odors that would bring to mind memories that he had never experienced. How he could know the taste of certain foods without ever having tried them was another source of oddness to him. James always knew he was different but he attributed it to some small amount of psychic ability, though, he would never admit to that.

One day as James traveled by tram through the streets of London, he couldn’t contain his restlessness. He pulled the cord and a bell sounded letting the driver know he wanted to exit. The tram pulled to a stop. James thanked the old scraggly man, nodded, and left. As he began to walk that old feeling of déjà, vu came on him more intensely than ever. He looked around and seeing a large three-story home, James decided to test this feeling. He walked to the doorstep then without realizing it, he reached into the over-grown plant next to the door to retrieve a key. James unlocked the door then stared at the key in his hand, shocked. How had he known just where the key was? Had he been here before?

    “Oy I’m losing it. Get a grip man. Get a grip.” James chided himself as he turned the handle and pushed. The door opened and James stepped in. The entry way was huge with black and white checkered tile on the floor. The walls were smooth, snowy white, perfect in their purity. Straight ahead there stood a set of double doors that James knew lead to a grand library. Slightly to his left and dominating, the room was an intricately carved staircase with hundreds of small felines seemingly running up the banister. James walked to the stairs and touched one of the wooden cats.

    “Welcome home Sir.” A melodic voice softly greeted him. Surprised, James turned to see the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. She had flowing auburn hair, olive skin like his own, a straight unobtrusive nose, and bright baby blue eyes. Oh, those eyes! James stood there, perhaps a moment too long, looking into the eyes of an angel.

    “I, I, I’m sorry.” James stuttered. “I was just passing through and I saw your…” James stopped. “Did, did you say… welcome home?” He asked haltingly.

    “Yes, Love. This is your home. Has been for centuries. We always know you come back home sooner or later.” Her voice was like an enchanting harmony. By now, James was very, very confused. He shook his head to clear it but nothing could shake the feeling that this beauty knew a lot more about him than he knew about him.

    “But that means… How?” James was having trouble finding just the right words. “Now of all times! Now his brain turns to mush!”

    “Shall we retire to your study for some tea Mr. Edward? I can explain everything.” She offered gently. “By the way, my name is Nonet… this time,” she added with a smile.

    “Um, it is nice to meet you Nonet.” James replied politely.

    As the two headed through the double doors, James glanced into the mirror. Staring back at him, he saw his blue eyes. The same blue eyes the beautiful Nonet has. He inhales audibly. Nonet touched his arm and smiled reassuringly up at him. James looked from the mirror to Nonet and back again. They had the same eyes, nose, chin… This couldn’t be a coincidence!

    “What’s going on?” James demanded, more than a little thrown. He grabbed her by the arms and turned her to face him.

    “James, don’t you see? I am you.” Nonet seemed to shimmer right there before his eyes. She seemed to grow transparent but her body glowed with a beautiful golden aura. The aura grew stronger and her visage dimmer until she was nothing but light in front of him. James reached to rub his eyes, not believing what he was seeing. Soon, the golden light vanished and left James standing in front of the large mirror alone.

    “Welcome home.” The words echoed throughout the spacious room and reverberated through his chest. Home, finally, he found it. His home, the place that would stop the tedious travels, would bring him so much joy. Yes, he was home at last.


Reincarnation: do you believe in it?


This was the daily prompt. The daily prompt is to offer suggestions of topics to write about. I thought this was a great topic! It is something close to my heart. I absolutely believe in reincarnation. I believe that when we die our stream of consciousness moves from one life to another until we get it right. When we reach Nirvana, this samsara (cycle of birth and death) ends and we reach the heaven realms. Our karma, our efforts and actions keep us in this cycle. To reach the end, thus stopping reincarnation there are 8 things along the path we must follow.


  1. Right Intention/Thought
  2. Right View (seeing things as they truly are)
  3. Right Speech (THINK method)
  4. Right Mindfulness
  5. Right Concentration
  6. Right Action
  7. Right Livelihood
  8. Right Meditation

By following the path of the middle way, we can move on from these lives. Until we get it right however, our consciousness will continue like James in the story. Meeting up with our former selves is unlikely but wouldn’t it be wonderful, to know in one life what to avoid in our next?

    Just something to think about. Until next time, thank you for taking the time to read my work. Make it a great day!



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