DPChallenge: Weekly Challenge: Mind Gap

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This week’s Mind the GapHow do you prefer to read, with an eReader like a Kindle or Nook, or with an old school paperback in hand?

    For me, there is nothing quite like holding a book in my hands as I read. I love the slightly textured pages of whatever novel or educational material I am enthralled with at the time.

The smell of a book also attracts me. It makes me think of lying out on the bench swing in the front yard when I was a child. The sun would beat down on my young tanned skin. With my foot, I would gently sway and read for hours and hours. It was my escape. I lived within the world of my books. 

With some books, you can smell the paper and the ink. It is a sweet and dusty smell combined. Fresh paper is more poignantly scented than old are, but they both smell like earth and fresh air. Opening a new book for the first time is like taking the first step on a long journey into the adventure of unknown lands. When I open a book, I inhale deeply and softly touch the page.

In my minimalistic home, silence pervades. When I am reading a physical book, I love to hear the sound of the page as I turn it. It is the only sound beyond that of my own heartbeat and breath. It sounds like music.

Yes, I prefer old school paperback. I read a Kindle often but it is cold and distant. I am not as drawn in to the story and I am not able to travel as smoothly within the book as I can with traditional paper books.

You see, reading to me, is not a chore or a hobby. It is an experience.


One thought on “DPChallenge: Weekly Challenge: Mind Gap

  1. I came out in favour of e-books, but this post reminded me of something: when I read on an e-reader, I think others think I’m just goofing around, checking Facebook, etc., and are more prone to interrupting me than they would be if I had a “proper” book in hand. It’s kind of like handwritten notes that way — I’m always more curious when I see someone writing instead of typing, but much less inclined to interrupt them.

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