http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2013/01/30/daily-prompt-fire/   The Daily Prompt Challenge Your home is on fire.  Grab five items (assume all people and animals are safe).  What did you grab?


Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt

As Michelle lay comfortably in her bed, she started to drift off to sleep.  Her rest didn’t last long.  Just as sounds began to meld together and her breathing slowed, the smoke detectors throughout the house started screaming.  Startled, Michelle jerked awake and jumped up out of the bed momentarily confused.  As she realized what was going on, she grabbed her cellphone and dialed 911.

“Yes Ma’am, I need the fire department at 102 South Quiet Street, Cape town.  Please, Hurry!”  Michelle pleaded into the phone as she ran around the mobile home grabbing her few important possessions.

She threw on her coat and dropped her phone into the pocket.  She grabbed the Laptop and cord from the desk.  As she raced down the hallway to the back door, Michelle picked up her backpack, which always contained her spare uniform for work, and an extra pair of socks.  The smoke was billowing around her.  She could hear the popping and cracking of the fire.  Choking and gasping frantically, Michelle grabbed her shoes and jumped out the back door just as the first of three fire trucks pulled up in front of her home.

Once she was safely away from the flames and smoke Michelle sat down on the curb and thanked the universe that she had gotten out alive.  Mobile homes burn so quickly.  Within fifteen minutes all that the fire left was a skeleton of her home.  Michelle could only sit and stare at the wreckage as the fire crew continued their work.

Finally, accepting the facts as they were, she put the laptop and its charger into the backpack, took out the socks, and put them on.  She put on her shoes next and snugged her coat around her to fight off the nighttime chill.

When it was all over, Michelle called her mom and explained everything. The firefighters had decided it was an electrical fire and told Michelle that she was very lucky that she had installed the smoke detectors. Without them, she may not have had time to get out.


So, now, what would I take if my home were on fire?

  1. My cellphone
  2. My computer
  3. My coat
  4. My shoes
  5. My backpack (I keep extra clothes ready in case of an emergency.)

Having been through this very thing several years ago, I have thought about this a great deal.  I am a minimalist and do not have a great deal of possessions at all so the things I would take are the necessities, and my computer.


8 thoughts on “DAILY PROMPT: FIRE!

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  2. I love the idea of minimalism, but I have so far to go to achieve it 😦 I am not quite a hoarder, but am not far enough from that title to be pleased either…

    • Don’t beat yourself up, and don’t give up! Minimalism allows my mind to be free and uncluttered but it certainly didn’t happen over night! I started this whole minimalism journey by getting rid of (donating or tossing) 7 items per day in just one room. When that room was completely decluttered and there was nothing left but the bare necessities, I moved on to the next room. It was so freeing! Good luck and keep it up. Feel free to email me or facebook me if you want to know more… Hmm there is a possible article topic in there too so Thank you:)

  3. I know that everyone has different special things and important items. For me, this lets me know that I really need to consolidate all of what I call the “important papers” and get them into a portable format. I have a desk top computer, so that would not go with me. My purse which holds my phone and a bunch of other stuff. Assuming my husband and the cat are out already, just me, coat, shoes, socks, and purse. Now I will get the papers together in a portable carrier. That would be about it. I am extremely far from a minimalist, but the rest is all just “fluff”. Life would not be unbearable without it.

    • You are absolutely right! Life would not be unbearable without it. 🙂 A portable carrier is a great idea. I have the important papers in file folders in the desk… perhaps portable is a good idea!

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